16/04/2023 - Manchester mania.

Race results

With our London marathoners thrown into the spotlight tomorrow, let’s celebrate our 26.2 runners from the countries third biggest city. Starting from the home of Manchester United, the course takes you through the city centre to Stretford, Sale and Altringham before heading back to the Old Trafford finish line.

Ramzi Sidani did a sterling job, gunning for a diamond standard time to add to his growing collection, his 2:53:03 time a superb show of how hard our champ works to deliver time and time again. Next back was Alastair Chambers, ducking comfortably under the sought after sub 3 barrier in 2:58:55.

Rob Baden has worked tirelessly to be ready to lay down his best effort round the relentless marathon distance, and was rewarded with an incredible 3:14:12 on his debut which is simply sensational. Jordan Cope continues to push the limits on what he can achieve, and Manchester was testament to his progress with a personal best of more than 22 minutes coming home in a time of 3:24:04.

Emily Wideman has come close to breaking 3:30 on more than one occasion, but she wasn’t letting it evade her on this outing. She stormed to the finish in 3:26:45, more than a minute improvement on her time from London ’21. Matt Joyce was another to take not only a lovely medal but a new high sore back home, 3:35:04 his time, over a minute improved also from the ’21 London event.

Long distance Queen Andrea Trickett added another fantastic sub 4 to her amazing CV of achievements, crossing the line in 3:48:32 after a dedicated training block consisting of many an early morning round Albert Village Lake. Karl Wideman bowed out from road marathon racing at the event and was back in a fabulous time of 3:49:11. We’ll see how long it takes him to come out of his ‘official retirement’.

Sandra Lawless and Cath Watkins had fabulous runs, 3:53:27 and 3:54:34 respectively for their debuts over the distance. We’re keeping everything crossed Sandra gets the good for age spot for London ’24 she’s looking for, and for Cath who only signed up after a little peer pressure at Ivanhoe 20, we’re so chuffed for you!

Lots of us who know the struggles Judy Mouncer has had with illness and injury during her marathon build up, and were delighted to see her battle the demons with a beyond impressive run of 4:18:12 against all the odds. A superb feat! Well done to you and all of our Manchester heroes!

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 22/04/2023