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Time Standards Award Scheme

The Standards scheme gives all runners in the club an incentive to improve their training, for which they will be awarded at the end of the year with an award aligned to the standard achieved. The scheme starts on January 1st and finishes on a date to be announced in December.​

The Standards available range from Tungsten to Rhodium. Five different distances count for a standard, and nine different distances count for a "distinction". So, plenty to aim for!

You can view your standards progress for the year by looking on your runner profile. The respective standard times can be found below - please note Ivanhoe Runners standard times may differ to those currnetly used by Leicestershire Running and Athletics:

Details on the County Standards which follows a similar format can be found on the Leicestershire Running and Athletics Network website. 

Results & Awards History

Award Winners History

Standards History

Derby Runner XC League Tables

Final Team Standings 2023/24

Final Team Standings 2022/23

Team & Individual Standings 2022/23 - After Race 4 (Ravenstone XC)

Final Team Standings 2022

Burton & District Summer League (BDSL) Results and League Tables

Mens 2023 league table - FINAL RESULTS​

PositionClubTot PtsTot Cnt
1South Derbyshire60544
4Lichfield RC342055
5Hatton Darts312026
6Peel RR302049
7Team Derby Runner233249

Womens 2023 league table - FINAL RESULTS

PositionClubTot PtsTot Cnt
1South Derbyshire66308
2Washlands Women60445
4Lichfield RC411086
5Peel RR36977
6Hatton Darts301275
9Team Derby Runner232202

Awaiting 2024 League Update..........


BDSL Historic Results - Individual & Team Standings

Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) Results and League Tables

LRRL - Individual & Team Standings 2024 - AFTER RACE 7 (Steve Morris 5)


LRRL - Individual Standings 2023 

LRRL - Team Standings 2023 

LRRL  - Individual Standings 2022 

LRRL - Team Standings 2022 

Ivanhoe Grand Prix

Grand Prix Standings 2024 - AFTER RACE 11 of 23 (Swithland 6)

2024 Grand Prix Leaderboard


Grand Prix Historic Results - 2015 Onwards

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