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Time Standards Award Scheme

What is it?

The main idea of the Standards scheme is to give runners in the club a goal as an incentive to improve their training, for which they will be awarded at the end of the year with a certificate appropriate to the standard achieved. The scheme starts on January 1st and finishes on the second Sunday in December.

How does it work?

Below are the time standards for each age group - these will remain your age group for that year. Your age group is based on your age on January 1st of the race year. You will see that there are 10 race distances for you to work at, ranging from 5k to Marathon, with standards including:- DIAMOND, GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. Use the grid to select the Standard and read off the corresponding time for that distance. This is the minimum required. (Note, only 2 out of the three distances 6 mile, 7 mile, and 8 mile, can be used to qualify for a Standard.)


To be awarded a certificate you must complete at least five of the distances of one standard. To gain a distinction you must qualify for NINE distances of that standard.

All times must be achieved at recognised athletic affiliated events with accurately measured courses i.e. RACES WITH A RACE PERMIT - no fun runs, off-road courses or cross country events. Exceptions to this are Ivanhoe 20 and parkrun. Official times only. Proof may be required.

Please use the form provided below to record your standard throughout the year. Good luck!

Standards History

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County Standards

In addition to the traditional Club Standards, the Leicestershire Vision 2020 Athletics Network organise a County Standard scheme. This operates in a very similar way to the Club Standards. 5 different distances for a Standard, 9 for a Standard with Distinction. However there are 8 different categories ranging from "pewter" to "rhodium" giving runners more targets to aim for. Standard times are different, but broadly similar to the Club Standards. More details on the Leicestershire Vision 2020 website.

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