Aldi Ashby 20 mile road race

Race information is on the event website at

Ashby 20 course map

Race reviews at runners world
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Richard Bebbington - Race Director

Vacant - Deputy Race Director

Mukesh Deva / Roger Beaven - Head of Road Closure

Chris Osbourne - Chief Marshall

Teresa Talbott - Deputy Chief Marshall

Chris Trzinski - Medical Director

Alan Edwards / Andrea Trickett - Treasurer, Course Set-up

Patrick Horn - Procurement

Mandy Morris - Website

Grania Towle - Entries

Zoe Allery - Entries / Hood Park Race Day Manager

Tim Sturla - Drinks Station Manager

Dave Allery - Start and Finish Manager

Kevin Sanders - Volunteer Co-ordinator, Starter, Commentator

Keith Baron - Road Closure Manager

Angela Bebbington - Car Park Manager

Sue Tait - Publicity, Race Programme

Ruth Enion, Heather Swan - Community Liaison

Mark Eydman - Race Day Communications Manager

plus all Ivanhoe Runners and many other organisations who help before and on the day...

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