10/07/2022 - Marathons and longer!

There’s tons of excitement in the sporting world right now, from @wimbledon to the Tour, the Commonwealths round the corner and our team in blue doing all the things! I’ve got >20 races to bring you since our last update, so let’s get celebrating.

Starting big, Jess Southwart and Ian Kirk conquered the MK marathon, Andy Cole ran his debut full distance in blue round the Cork City marathon, and we had a mighty contingent up in Scotland for the @edinburghmarathonfestival. Six runners took on the delightfully net downhill course (not that it really makes running 26.2 miles much easier, mind you!) kicking off with the dream team of Emily & Karl Wideman in 3:41, followed by Sophie Cooper in 4:11. Robin Edlin ran his debut marathon with mum Judy in a phenomenal 4:13, and Heather Gilbert completed our squad in 4:39.

Taking it one step further were our endurance machines, the trio of Ramzi Sidani, Ian Kirk and Grania Towle, showing us once again how well they’re cut out for going long at the Dukeries 40.

A second mention for our Ramzi as he stormed to victory at the Fractured Marathon, taking place on a warm Friday evening at Calke Abbey, organised by @peak.running . The 26.2 with a difference saw solo runners and teams take on 10 laps of 2.6 miles every half an hour from 7pm.

The only Ivanhoe in the solo race showed them how it’s done and then some, completing the distance in an eye-watering 3:00:44 to win the event outright, keeping that smile we all know and love on his face the whole way.

In the mixed teams event, “Bland not Boring” (Damon, Sandra and Vic) finished in fifth place, team “Pump it up”, Amelia and Pat graced the podium in bronze medal position, and Karl & Emily (Wideman’s can’t jump but they can RUN!) were top of the pops in 3:07:57.

In the male competition, “The Lilyreds” (Louis, Stan the Man and Paul Codd) finished just outside the prizes in fourth but a sterling effort in 2:57:27, whilst Tom Potter joined forces with a pal creating the “Sporting Rams”, 2:37:21 earning them the top spot. In the female race, “Run and Rant”, Cath, Suzy and Clare ran well to conclude the prizes in third position, and amazing 3:36:42 was their combined time.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 24/09/2022