08/10/2023 - The Windy City & The Big Smoke

Race results

You could (almost) be forgiven if you thought all the action was happening in Chester and Lisbon the weekend before last. Alas, we are now on run report number three that covers your fab performances.

We were not only represented across the continent, but globally, as four Ivanhoe stepped Stateside. Lindsay Tilbury and Deidre Cole had important marathon support crew roles as their partners stepped up for the Chicago marathon spectacle. Paul Woods was taking part within the Age Group World Championship, meaning he got to travel home with two snazzy medals. His plan was to go out and enjoy it, and whilst he found the last 7k tough, he retained enough rhythm to soak up the atmosphere and revel in the finish line. A superb time of 3:03:18, I believe secures Paul’s second star in the Abbott Marathon Major Series.

We’ve mentioned Deidre, so it’s no surprise that the wonderful Andy Cole is up next for a mention, and not only for Chicago. We’ll take this chronically, and to do so, we’ll dive back to next month where Andy, who you must get to buy you your next lottery ticket, had been lucky in the Berlin marathon ballot. Having ran four marathons within twelve months from June ’22, Andy was absolutely up for the double star challenge. He had a storming run in Germany, home in 3:40:01, only a couple of minutes outside his personal best, showing real strength from his training block. Just back home for a couple of weeks, he was jetting off once more and even with all those miles in his legs, had a corker in the Windy City. Andy completed the Chicago marathon in 3:51:38. Totally in awe, congratulations.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Back on home soil, but rocking in it in capital, was Cath Watkins, chairman Nick Rowles in tow for this one on support crew at the Royal Parks Half. The stunning 13.1 mile event weaves you through four of London’s Royal Parks, Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’ Park and Kensington Gardens. Another balloted race, but well worth the effort, Cath ran 1:54:14 and is raising money throughout her 50th year to The Brain Tumour Charity if you would like to offer a donation, please visit Cath’s page.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 21/10/2023