26/11/2023 - Cross-country double.

Race results

With cross-country races on a rare back to back of weekends, our captains James and Fiz sure have been kept busy, so a big round of applause for their fabulous efforts. Bagworth Heath came first followed by Holly Hayes, both local mud fests for those fancying some off road raucousness.

Going into event three, the mixed team sat 5th, men in 4th, and ladies in super second, with final tables still to be published following the latest fixture.

Turning out to represent at both races, a big hand to our team players, Ramzi Sidani, Sam Haines, Paul Codd, Richard Hampson, Amelia Monaghan, Richard Martin, Emily Wideman, Andrew Allsop, James Ogilvie, Andrew Bottrill, Patrick Horn, Andy Hough, Mark Bradford, Adrian Fowler, Vic Smith, Mark Flanagan, Tom Ball, Paula Whitworth, Mindy Ashton, Carolyn Osborne, Sarah Codd, Martin Yeomans, Sophie Turner, Sophie Cotton and Keith Baron.

At Bagworth, a mention to Karl Wideman, Tom Smith, Geoff Brown & Tom Baron and then at Holly Hayes we saw Suzy Parish, Lindsay Tilbury, Tim Sturla, Helen Jeffrey, Paul Averillo, Paul Woods, Fiona Betts, and Louis Barnes.

The next race in the league is Martinshaw Woods on the 14 January, plenty of time to clean and dry those muddy shoes to go again full of new year enthusiasm!

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 07/12/2023