10/12/2023 - 23 Trotting Turkeys.

Race results

A mighty 23 of you couldn’t resist the festive cheer of the Turkey Trot half marathon (and if I’ve missed you off it’s not personal, the search functionality on the results pages isn’t being my friend, apologies).

The winner of the event was ultra running legend Tom Evans, and first back for Ivanhoe Ramzi Sidani was very happy with an opportunity for a selfie, finishing 21st in 1:21:57, ahead of Paul Woods, taking 33rd in a new personal best time of 1:24:28, 1 min 10 off his Bosworth time only 7 months ago.

Tom was in action handing prizes to the award winners, of which Ivanhoe are proud as a punch to announce there were two heading up to shake hands with the main man. It was Alistair Chambers topping the charts in his category, with a scorching 1:27:54, and Laura Graves who has done a fine job of adding to her trophy cabinet throughout 2023, with an incredible 1:47:51.

Despite the challenging conditions, that didn’t stop the team laying down some fabulous high scores. Rich Hampson knocked 33 seconds off his summer Derby Half Marathon time, 1:28:20 earning him 59th place; Amelia Monaghan only just improved on her 13.1 time at Leicester but went another five minutes better this round, 1:35:57 securing her 12th female spot and first back for the blue squad.

Nancy Bennion had already got her required standard time, but improved on it, taking nine seconds off her all time best, also previously at Leicester but had been sat waiting since 2018, she ran 1:54:51, and then a star who has performed so well all year, Sue Tait ran a personal best of more than a minute in 1:56:02, an improvement on a shiny new time she only set at Robin Hood in autumn.

Two half mara debutants took to the stage in Keyworth, congrats to Gavin Moore (1:43:40), and new member Abby Archer (1:56:28), Ivanhoe vests then filled up the mid pack in great depth; Mark Harriott (1:32:23), Nick Rowles (1:33:14 SB), Andy Hough (1:37:01 SB), Pat Horn (1:38:01), Damon Bland (1:43:07 SB), Andy Cole (1:49:53 SB), Vic Smith (1:50:19 SB), Mindy Ashon (1:50:56 SB), Ian Kirk (1:51:49 SB), Carolyn Osborne (1:52:03 SB), Paul Averillo (1:54:51 SB), Geoff Brown (1:56:01 SB), and Sophie Turner (1:59:26).

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 08/01/2024