01/10/2023 - Scotland, England & Wales.

Race results

Can I get a rewind? With two superb guest editors stepping up for Chester and Lisbon run reports, (and didn’t they do a fine job, thank you Chris and Georgie), we do need to hop back a few steps for even more races prior to those exciting events.

And what better place to start than beautiful Scotland, for full marathon brilliance from Judy Mouncer. Running from Fort Augustus into Inverness along the banks of the Loch, Judy described the Loch Ness marathon as ‘superb’ and would ‘thoroughly recommend’. On her post, Judt wondered how many of us have done this one, and well, since we’ve had our results recorded on our website, she joins an exclusive group of just two others (Karen Hartland in 2017 and Mandy Morris in 2018 if you’re interested). It was her second marathon this year, having ran Manchester in spring, and did amazingly, completing the event in 4:24:40.

There was quite a team taking part in the Dovedale Dash this year – I must say I always love watching videos from this one as runners stream across the River Dove which apparently is one of the coldest rivers in the UK! Ian Bolton was first back at this one in 38:48, followed by Martin Yeomans in 49:50 and James Ogilvie in 53:22. Matt Pleass was next to arrive in 54:31, Lisa Hall and Simon came through in 56:25 and :33 respectively. Ellen Bolton got involved in the event running 1:11:39 and Jeff Cross enjoyed the trails in 1:14:28.

Four Ivanhoes lined up at Leicester’s half marathon, and spotlight was on Amelia Monaghan who took the club course record in a fabulous 1:40:59 personal best, and was 25th overall. She was joined by new member Andy Allsop who ran 1:41:50 in his first Ivanhoe run, Richard Martin in 1:31:54, and Jenny Hope who ran 2:10:03.

Cardiff half marathon also took place on the first Sunday of October, Paul Averillo lining up for a hattrick of completions from 2019 to 2023. The race also forms part of the Super Halfs series, so is great one to add to your bucket list. Paul had a strong run and came home in 1:56:54.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 21/10/2023