14/06/2023 - Wowzers, Washlands!

Race results

As always, our night spent down at the Washlands for the annual relays hosted by fellow league club WWR was a total success. The team did a fabulous job on the night, and a big thanks to our very own captains for getting everyone assigned into teams and getting us ready and raring to go.

With more than 60 donning the blue vest and getting a slice of the action it’s going to be impossible to mention everyone here, but know that if you took part, we’re oh so proud of you for getting involved, showing what an amazing club we are and making the brilliant atmosphere we all experienced.

18 superstars took on the fun of the relays for the first time, a big shoutout to Rob Baden, Dan Bladon, Rupert May, Charlene Taylor, Andy Hough, Rich Hampson, Harry Goldingay, Clare Wood, James Cain, Colin Hope, Andy Cole, Michelle Coates, Geoff Brown, Jill Singleton, Lily Smith, Wendy May, Jayne Bradshaw and Kenny Ashton.

Our fastest man was none other than Tom Potter, who was third fastest overall pushed back in the rankings by two from Lichfield. Tom flew round the two miles in 10:39. He was teamed up with Mark Parker in 11:02 (6th fastest), Matt Pleass in 11:51 (25th fastest) and Rob Baden only two seconds behind, which saw them finished fourth men’s team overall.

Our fastest vet men’s team was a duo of Paul’s (Woods and Codd) on legs 3 and 4, with Ramzi Sidani leading them out, and James Cox in second spot. Their combined time of 49:36 saw them finish second in their category.

It was also a fourth place finish for our fastest ladies team, with Charlene Taylor scoring the fastest leg of the night for Ivanhoe in a speedy 13:55 and took on the middle leg. She was joined by Emily Partridge who was off first and completed in 14:03 and Amelia Monaghan running the anchor leg in 14:21.

16 champs ran their best time round the event, a well done to Tom Potter (32s improvement), Mark Parker (1s), James Cox (20s), Paul Woods (20s), Jordan Cope (1:12), Emily Partridge (5s), Suzy Parish (57s), Amelia Monaghan (41s), Bec Sharpe (13s), Georgie Smith (1:18), Mindy Ashton (12s), Sophie Turner (6:43!), Lindsay Tilbury (22s), Alex Gillon (8:37!), Gemma Shaw (15s) and Jenny Hope (13s).

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 01/08/2023