14/05/2023 - From Leeds to Salzburg.

Race results

Thank you dear reader for your patience whilst we’ve had a few technical difficulties. Now I can see your fantastic performances in black and white I can get back to the action, so here it comes.

At the Leeds marathon, two Ivanhoe (plus one guest star) were putting months of fine tuned training to use round the 26.2 emotional event where #RunForRob (Burrow) was the aim of the game. Georgie Smith was out completing her first ever marathon, husband Matt by her side for almost every step of the way (apart from one toilet stop, and she was not waiting for him, fair play!). Ivanhoe 20 back in March gave her big confidence for the big day, but injury woes and the tricky course playing on her mind, however she stormed home in an incredible 3:55 (as well as raising vital funds for the MNDA, a cause super close to Georgie and Matt’s hearts).

Our Georgie then went and secured a superb parkrun PB this morning, at the same event Lucy Allsop and Paul Averillo celebrated their 250 and 100 runs respectively.

Also giving the 26.2 a whirl was Colin Hope, and whilst I know for sure it was his debut marathon on the Ivanhoe team, it may also have been his debut marathon, period! Looking up his stats on Power of 10 there’s no others listed, so fabulous work there Colin! He tackled the challenging course well and passed through the final in an amazing 4:37.

Three more marathoners for you next, we bring you news from Salzburg, Austria. It was finish line glory for Laura Graves having made a difficult but wise decision to not run London marathon due to feeling unwell, she added another 26.2 to her growing CV in 4:04. Mindy Ashton wasn’t far behind, completing her first marathon abroad and fourth ever. Chris Osborne completed our trio, running almost exactly 10 minutes quicker than his London time last month.

The Salzburg crew had four more members who finished the half marathon, starting with Andy Jeyes in 1:53, Carolyn Osborne in 2:13, Sally Jeyes in 2:13 and Kenny Ashton, running his first half marathon, on a hot day, he soldiered on finding it harder than expected but remembering his amazing cause where he’s raised a fabulous amount for Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide.

Written by Mark Parker - last updated on 12/06/2023