07/12/2022 - Action on the A5111 Raynesway

Race results

Captain Barnes did a fabulous job of replicating the joy of the monthly Dave Denton events, but the real deal is now back in action, so what’s been happening?

In October, just two gave the mile a whirl, Patrick Horn really lighting the fire over the short distance, coming home in a scorching 5:46. Andrew Stanley joined him for the 7pm warm up act, running 6:38.

Two more runners joined for the 5K. Ramzi Sidani led the charge, finishing in 7th position with a time of 18:02, whilst Matt Pleass had him in his sights for 18:20. A nice sub 20 run was a solid performance for Stan the Man in 19:26 and 15th place, whilst Pat was kinder to his legs for round two, running 24:25.

The November edition gave us fireworks, with many more runners turning up for the second fixture of the winter season. Stanley gave the mile a good go running 5:58 for 8th place and Louis Barnes squeezed into the top 20 with 6:47. Helen and John Finn finished in 7:23 & 24 respectively, and our motley crew followed behind all within 20 seconds of each other; Paul Averillo, Clare Wood, Becky Moult, James Cox, Amelia Monaghan & Patrick Horn.

For the 5K, Results Officer Mark Parker was first back for Ivanhoe in 4th place, incorporating his own tempo session, running 17:37. A speedy performance from XC Captain Coxy earned him 7th place and 18:13 on the clock. Emily Partridge gave her legs their first speed test since her marathon, running 21:19 for third, followed home by John and Becky (4th) both running 21:42.

The first epic pairing were up next, Pat accepting the honour of pacing Amelia to an incredible PB by well over a minute, her time of 21:46 improving on her March Dave Denton run. Mark Bradford scored 22 minutes on the nose, and was being chased by our next dynamic duo. Barnes with the task of pacing Clare Wood to her silver standard time, done with ease, 22:18 placing her 6th overall.

Our Stan encouraged Averillo to victory, a PB by 21 seconds, his time of 23:49 upping the ante on his April Dave Denton time. Our set of swift movers was completed by Helen Finn, a fabulous time of 24:36 earned her 13th position.

The December event takes place next Wednesday, 14/12.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 07/12/2022