16/10/2022 - On tour to Yorkshire.

Race results

More long distance wonders came pouring through the flood gates throughout October, featuring none other than the Ivanhoe Club Trip. 🎽

This year’s adventure to the Run for All Yorkshire weekend saw 14 in blue tackle the 10 mile or marathon events. A big thanks to Pippa for her support in putting this great weekend on our runners radars.

James Ogilvie was first past the post in the 10 mile event, an amazing 3 mins 39 blew apart his Cathedral to Castle time at the start of the year. A debut over the distance proved a triumph for Geoff Brown, 1:23:09 his clocking. Our first female and another high score followed for superstar Lindsay Tilbury who has had a cracking year. Her time of 1:26:34 bettered her 2017 John Fraser time by more than 2 minutes. Only five positions and 14 seconds separated our golden girls, Carolyn Osborne crossing the gantry at 1:26:48.

For Rob Slack, his only other attempt over 10 miles was a tricky off roader. This time on the roads he was able to strut his stuff; just shy of a 22 minute personal best was his reward, finishing the race in 1:31:08. Big celebrations were in order for Kenny Ashton, a stunning performance after a 10K personal best at Den Haag, this time showing anything is possible, and roaring home to his longest run of 10 miles in 1:55:43. Absolutely fantastic.

Over on the longer course, Paul Woods was first back, his second 26.2 of the year, and taking the club course record in a superb 3:08:32. Andy Cole wasn’t too far from a personal best time, having a strong run in 3:40:18. Having run her first marathon earlier this year, Lucy McDermott was in search of a quicker time. Nearly nine minutes quicker was the reward for her diligent training, coming home in 3:44:13.

Jordan Cope showed what difference a few years can make, an astounding 39 minutes slashed from his 2018 Leicester marathon in 3:46:08. Chris Osborne had a hard time in the lead up, struggling to lay down the training he wanted due to injury. Despite this our forever smiling star finished sub 4; in 3:56:12.

Also running her second marathon was Mindy Ashton. Seven minutes on the nose was the fabulous time she took from her spring run in Brighton and Hove, well done Mindy. Our consistent podium topper Laura Graves did it again at this mass event, finishing second 🥈 in her age category in 4:10:38, easily nabbing herself a London 2024 Good for Age place should she wish to tackle another 26.2 miles.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 06/11/2022