21/07/2022 - Double Potter (not Harry).

We continue bringing you all the action and achievements from our runners, this update being a half marathon special. Added another 13.1 to your belt recently, see if you’ve got a mention here!

Up north at Edinburgh half marathon, Tom Potter tried his hand at 13.1 for the first time, running an eye-watering 1:17, taking the club course record, finishing an amazing 81st overall.

James Ogilivie has been our man to watch in the half marathon arena. In the Loch Leven half, James Ogilvie ran a smooth time of 1:43, and followed up with a 1:45 at the Grimsthorpe Gallop. Patrick Horn is also renowned for his love of the distance, and re-visited one of his favourite half marathons. The Potters Arf in Stoke on Trent is a fine event to help add something extra to your crockery collection, and on this occasion in 1:39:17.

There was lots to see at the Derby half marathon, and first man home for team Ivanhoe also scored himself a mighty 3 minute 20 personal best. Chris Osborne was the man to chase in 1:41:03 beating his time from Bosworth 2019 and just missing out on a top 200 placing in 201st. Next up was Mindy Ashton in a fabulous 1:48:37, closely followed by Tor Meadows in 1:51:56.

Sarah Malone was our second runner in fine form, a 2 minute 36 personal best from one of our ex-report writers, coming home in 1:54:14 beating her time from Leicester half marathon that has stood since 2015, proving that patience and hard work really foes pay dividends.

Secuing top podium position for her age category, and being awarded a surprise Derby Runner voucher from the runners was our fabulous Laura Graves, all set for an impressive gold standard by the end of the season. Carolyn Osborne completed the blue Ashby team in 1:57:25. Well done to you all.

More mentions for our Pat next, as he joined forces with Amelia Monaghan for the Round Sheffield Run. The duo who reached the podium at the Fractured Marathon teamed up once more for the 11 stage event totalling 24km, the run stages making up 20km. They ran together finishing in a cumulative time of 1:54.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 24/09/2022