16/05/2018 - Shakespear /Sinfin/ Magic8

Race results

6 Days after his Milton Keynes Marathon, Ian Kirk ran another, this time at Stratford on Avon for the Shakespeare marathon. Joined by Emily Wideman, both ran times of 3:50:21/3:50:22. Tor Meadow-Evans also ran the half marathon in a swift 1:56:29.

1 runner from the club, Emily Partridge ran the Sinfin 10k on Sunday, in an excellent 47:35. Damon Bland ran the West End Magic 8, a handicap race where the aim is to run without a watch and get as close to your predicted time as possible. He was delighted to pick up 3rd prize after being just 10 seconds outside his target time.

Written by Sarah Malone - last updated on 16/05/2018