05/03/2023 - A special day in Tokyo.

It’s an extremely special report today as we bring you news all the way from Tokyo, with the first staging of a major marathon this year, and our heroes from the blue team shined so bright out in Japan. Two members secured their places in Abbott World Marathon Major Hall of Fame, a penultimate star and a personal best, and even some parkrun tourism. I guarantee it will fill your heart with pride and joy for your team mates in blue, the biggest cheers to you superstars!


John Finn knew this was always going to be a special day, having waited for the occasion like his team mates since 2020, and collected his the chunky six-star medal for the amazing achievement at the finish line. He ran a superb time of 4:01:44 to complete his collection, with Boston in 2018, Berlin, Chicago and New York in autumn 2019, and London in 2021. Congratulations John!


Fiona Betts was our second fabulous six star finisher, and didn’t she do it in style. Her finishing time of 3:49:11 secures her another Boston qualifier should she wish to go again for another unicorn in the States. Her inspirational journey took her from qualification time at Manchester for Boston, then London, Chicago and then New York, and a stop at Berlin before Tokyo. We are all so proud of you Fiz!


Next up and another in search of the elusive achievement is Helen Finn, ticking off her penultimate star with an incredible PB, her time of 4:01:46 taking over 3 minutes off the time she set in Boston (UK) only last year. Her journey to the best medal of them all has seen her complete Berlin, Chicago and New York all in autumn 2019, and London in 2021, and now she just had that elusive unicorn to add to her collection, at the better known, Boston USA marathon.


The team joined together with Rob Eaton from neighbouring club South Derbyshire for a nice shakeout at Futakotamagawa parkrun before the main event, the first parkrun to launch in Japan back in April 2019.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 07/03/2023