11/04/2023 - The fabulous A-Team

The most sought after run report on the calendar? It’s either this one, or London marathon right? And there’s not long to wait until that spectacle either! Isn’t spring just the best? It sure is my favourite!


The morning of Ashby 20 started miserable and wet but of course, spirits were still high as last minute prep was finalised at the Bath Grounds and out on the route. The biggest cheer for head honcho Richard Bebbington, his fabulous team who work hard all year round to bring us the annual event, and to every volunteer that stepped forward to play their part. You make the race the joy it is, as seen all over the socials, praise sent in from up and down the country which is a delight to read.


We had Ivanhoes spread across the breadth of the field, and whilst not currently a member, the ladies were led home by Abby Halcarz, amassing loud applause from all her former team members as she achieved glory with a superb time of 2:07:52 and a nice personal best too.


Laura Graves was also greeted with a podium finish after an amazing run to finish top of her age category, an amazing time of 2:48:35 meant she improved on her 2022 time by 8 minutes as she builds towards both London and Salzburg marathons.


Richard Hampson chose the flagship event as his debut Ivanhoe race, what a way to begin your career with the team, finishing strong in 2:35:44 and will enjoy the crowds in the capital in 12 days time. Mindy Ashton, also running London and Salzburg this season showed some great form ahead of her 26.2s achieving a, 8 minute personal best in 2:47:41. Adrian Fowler has been enjoying the cross-country races with Ivanhoe since he joined last year, and this 20 miler put his first road race on his scorecard, a superb 2:59:45 saw him cleanly under the sub 3 hour barrier.


There’s one entrant you’ll always see on the Upper Packington Road start line and that’s our trusty gorilla. If you wanted to beat him this year, 3:13:42 was the impressive time you need to dip under. Kudos Mr Ian Kirk! Heather Swan and Julia Blewitt-Jenkins displayed tremendous team work as they tackled the challenging course together finishing in 3:29:36. Heather has her sights on the unicorn as she prepares for Boston USA ready for her victory lap on Patriots Day.


Completing our superb team in a brilliant bronze standard time was Wendy May, her longest race distance was a member and did amazingly in 3:37:11. We also had three of our brilliant second claim members taking part, Mark Harriott ran 2:24:57 and will toe the line in London, Becky Moult ran a personal best as is having a superb year, finishing in 2:39:31, with John Finn doing a fantastic job on pacing support.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 11/04/2023