11/11/2023 - Seagrave & the Cloud Trail.

Race results

It’s the turn of Seagrave and the Cloud Trail to get their moment in the spotlight, beginning with Ramzi Sidani on the Saturday morning trail challenge, taking the club course record and 5th place in a fabulous 1:57:18. Fellow long distance lover Paul Woods claimed 6th in 1:58:30 and Karl Wideman made it comfortably into the top 20 in 2:05:45.

Chairman Nick Rowles has made a fine return to racing throughout 2023 after a pause on start line adventures for half of 2022, and ran 2:14:07 for 38th place. Andy Hough was in action running 2:26:10 and Rich Bebbington was next in 2:38:04. Martin Yeomans traded his usual Conkers Saturday stomping ground for a longer quest in 2:55:42, and Cath Watkins, was our first lady home in 2:55:44. Suzy Parish was right along side her over the line three second later.

Lindsay Tilbury ran with Emily Wideman (our current female record holder) and ran 2:57:17 and :18, and had Geoff Brown in close company in 2:57:31. Tim Sturla has added a solid listing of races to his CV this year and ran 3:08:42 at the event, and six star finisher Heather Swan was next up in 3:06:55. We had Julia Blewitt-Jenkins out on course running 3:31:20, and it was fabulous to see a comeback from Grania Towle in 4:29:55, with Katie Morby doing an amazing job of completing our team in 4:39:21.

On Remembrance Sunday, the team held a two minute silence on the 11th hour to honour and recognise the sacrifices of our servicemen and women. Louis Barnes was the man in charge on the Cloud Trail that morning, giving runners an opportunity for a traffic free route for a 10 mile showdown. Mark Harriott was first back in 1:08:27, followed by Andrew Stanley exactly 60 seconds later, and Ian Bolton in 1:10:03. The first PB came from Amelia Monaghan in 1:13:18 taking more than 5 mins off her last I10 time.

James Cain recorded the distance for the first time in 1:24:09, and ladies captain Gemma Shaw was our other PB queen in 1:24:51, more than four minutes off her 2018 Derby 10 time. Our remaining runners all debuted at the distance, so a big cheer please for Bianca Gear (1:25:39), Abby Archer (1:29:15), Ellen Bolton and Jeff Cross (1:51:45), and Matt Humphreys in 2:17:10.

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 10/12/2023