16/01/2022 - First fun in the mud of 2022

The first cross country race of 2022 was a hit thanks to our friends and hosts West End Runners over at Martinshaw Woods. Usually our first January race is the morning after the night before (celebration evening), and whilst no one ended up in Manhattans this year, fresh heads all round make for happier runners! 🍻 And the sun was a delight too.

Huge shoutouts to Amelia Willden and Julian Bennion making their XC debuts. We hope you now get the hype and will be back for more!

Speaking of more, you lucky folks get treated to a double helping of everything muddy this month, with the Mallory Park event taking place on the 30th. Is it in your calendar? Pause. Put the phone down. Go and add it in now. Done? Okay I shall continue.

Not a member but can’t wait to see what the fun is all about? Drop us a message. We’d love to tell you more and see you at the next one.

We even got to present Matt Pleass, not only with his Lockdown Legend mug, not only with his standard medal, but with his Team Player of the year award too, and in true Matt style, he was out, wrapped up warm, supporting our champs in blue round the course.

Big thanks to all the supporters, the bakers, the gazebo putter-uppers and taker-downers, the hot drink urn carriers, and of course the race hosts, West End, and the @thederbyrunner league. See you next time 👋🏼

Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 24/09/2022