10/01/2022 - Celebration Evening Jan 2022 Pt2

In recognition of the efforts our runners went to during the periods of lockdown during these challenging times, we awarded special Ivanhoe Runners Lockdown Legend mugs, big thanks to Team ID for producing these for our six stars.

Firstly for Matt Pleass, who did a cracking job of recreating the longest place name in Wales as @strava art (Llanfairpwllgwyngyll if you’re interested!).

For Ramzi Sidani, who creatively took us on a world [Ashby] tour of the best known landmarks, putting a smile on everyone’s faces. 🗽

Martin Yeomans @martin.yeomans.7 will forever be known as the friendliest runner in the club after racking up the most points from hellos and waves to others he saw on the street. 👋🏼

And Matthew Joyce @charles.joyce.543 , who on Valentine’s Day ran with a flower in his mouth, but who might need to do a bit more research on what constitutes a kissing gate! 😘

Finally, to our wonderful Jane Bland and Jayne Bradshaw. Two incredible ladies that we are so proud of. There isn’t enough we can say that can do justice to their incredible actions, so we’ll share in Jayne’s words. ♥️

“This morning whilst out running, myself, Jane and 2 strangers prevented a lady from ending her life.

Our minds are powerful things that can, in moments of darkness, make us believe no one wants to know when we are worrying, but that’s not true.

Your friends and family want to know, I want to know. Please talk to someone if ever a day comes it all feels too much. You are not alone no matter what it may feel like.

Keep talking… it does make a difference. Today was proof of that.


Written by Emily Partridge - last updated on 24/09/2022