26/04/2020 - Isolation Relays & Marathons

InterClub Isolation Relay & Virtual Isolation London Marathon

With isolation and lockdown of all gatherings and sporting events for almost four weeks Ivanhoe Runners organised a Virtual InterClub Isolation Relay Race. The event was to lift spirits and give the running community a challenge that saw the participation of over 500 runners from various local clubs that included Hermitage Harriers, Barrow Runners and Peak Running.

The Interclub Isolation Relay was a four leg 2 mile relay that was run between Monday 20th and Thursday 23rd April 2020. The teams were made up of four runners of either ladies, men's or mixed who would run their leg on a given day in isolation in their local area and have no contact with their team mates.

Ivanhoe entered 17 teams.  Ivanhoe Team A (Nick Rowles 11:41, Matt Pleass 10:50, Ramzi Sidani 11:23 and Mark Harriott 12:13), Team I (Andrew Stanley 11:51, Tom Potter 10:34, Adam Smyth 11:12 and Patrick Horn 13:18) took 1st and 2nd place in the mens’ category.  Followed by Team J (Chris Thurburn 11:18, Rich Hope 12:19, Gavin Moore 12:06 and Gerard Eivors 11:31) in 4th place and Team M (Matthew Joyce 14:23, Roger Western 16:07, Damon Bland 12:54 and Pedro Lima 12:50) in 18th place.

In the ladies category Team C (Julie Taylor 14:18, Lisa Hall 15:45, Victoria Smith 14:00 and Sandra Lawless 14:30) came in 6th with Team B (Ange Bebbington 15:15, Catherine Watkins 14:34, Helen Finn 15:26 and Carly Williams 17:07) in 12th place.  Team O (Helen Brandon 21:40, Jessica Taylor-Southwart 17:04, Andrea Trickett 13:47 and Chrissy Bettridge 19:47), Team L (Jane Bland 16:26, Teresa Talbot 15:40, Andrea Allen 23:16 and Sonia Hoult 17:56), Team H (Grania Towle 20:36, Ilze Reinke 18:09, Nancy Bennion 15:21 and Janet Joyce 19:14) and Team G Heather Swan 18:15, Sally Western 19:57, Sarah Malone 19:36 and Julia Blewitt-Jenkins 15:56) took 32nd , 33rd, 34th and 35th place respectively.

In the mixed category Team K (Abigail Alcarz 12:05, Adrienne Jane 13:34, Paul Averillo 15:08 and Louis Barnes 12:32) took 11th place, Team P, (Mark Parker 11:43, Ian Bolton 11:58, Gemma Shaw 16:11 and Emily Partridge 14:08) 15th, Team F (Laura Graves 14:03, Colin Hope 13:11, Sue Tait 16:27 and Ian Kirk 13:13) in 22nd place. Team D (Richard Bebbington 14:07, Sarah Kelly 17:37, Andrew Bottrill 12:38 and Fiona Betts 14:19) in 32nd , Team Q (Simon Hill 14:23, Andrew Jeyes 14:25, Sally Jeyes 16:12 and Jenny Hope 15:27) in 36th place, Team N (Mark Hoult 14:02, Sophie Cooper 13:58, Amanda Bradbury 16:33 and Kevin Saunders 22:00 in 46th and Team E (Charli May 19:54, Jez Millington-Pipe 18:06, Amy Derbyshire 17:35 and Martin Yeomans 13:46 in 52nd place.

Like many others, Richard Bebbington, Abigail Halcarz and Simon Hill were all due to run the London Marathon today Sunday 26th April 2020.  Due to the race postponement they all completed the marathon distance at or near their own homes. Abigail ran around her garden and finished in 3:24:04,  Abigail is raising money for the Ashby Foodbank.  Richard ran the 26.2 miles (240 laps of his drive) dressed as Mrs Brown while raising funds for Wishes 4 Kids and completed the distance in 4:50:49.  Simon ran several laps of Hicks Lodge and completed the marathon distance in a time of 4:12:24.



Written by Helen Finn - last updated on 26/04/2020