20/01/2019 - Derby1m+5k,Glosc,Open2Elements10

On Wednesday evening several Ivanhoe runners attended the 'running with David' 5k and 1 mile series held in Derby, the first of many this year, and included in this year's Grand Prix. 

9 Runners ran the 1 mile event, starting with Ramzi Sidani clocking 5:43, finishing in 8th position overall. Mark Parker battled Andrew Stanley for 21st position by clocking 6:25, ahead of Stanley's 6:26. Andy Lindley then finished in 7:22, while Emily Partridge came through in 7:32. Helen Brandon clocked a swift 8:44, then in quick succession, Jenny Hope at 8:50, Marie Concannon 8:56 and Rachael Harden 9 minutes dead in her first race for Ivanhoe.

11 runners completed the 5k, again led by Ramzi Sidani in a swift 18:02, and 16th overall position, just pipping Mark Parker to the post with his 18:21. Andrew Stanley followed in 19:46, ahead of Mark Bradford in 20:16. Andy Lindley stopped the clock in 21:16, then Emily Partridge was first for the ladies in a speedy 23:52.

Jenny Pope crossed the line in 28:21, with Helen Brandon collecting a new 5k personal best for her 28:42, continuing her improvement from last year. Gemma Shaw finished in 30:07, and Marie Concannon made a welcome return to racing with an excellent 30:08. Rachael Harden rounded off the 5k team in 33:43.

Ian Kirk ran his 92nd Marathon at Gloucester on Sunday to celebrate his 50th birthday. After running a positive race he clocked a time of 3 hours 49.

Fiona Betts also had a great run on Sunday at the Open to the Elements 10k. On an out and back, fairly flat course she went on to secure a pleasing new personal best time of 44:59, finishing second lady overall.

Written by Sarah Malone - last updated on 05/02/2019