Race Dist Terrain Club
Rombalds Stride 23M Trail
Roseberry Topping HM HM Fell
Roseberry Topping Marathon M Fell
Rosliston Parkrun 5K Mixed
Rother Valley parkrun 5K Mixed
Rothley 10K 10K Road
Royal Executioner 20 20M Road
Royal Parks 10K 10K Road
Royal Parks Half Marathon HM Road
Rugby 10 10M Road
Rugby Half Marathon HM Road
Run in the Forest (5M) 5M Mixed South Derbyshire RR
Run to the Beat 10K 10K Road
Run Your Heart Out 10K 10K Road
Rushcliffe HP GP 4M 4M Road
Rushcliffe parkrun 5K Trail
Rutland Marathon M Mixed
Rutland Water Night 10K 10K Road
Salford 10K 10K Road
Salisbury 10 mile 10M